Education: Massachusetts Throwing Away Money

For the next few weeks, Progressive Massachusetts is highlighting one aspect of our Shared Prosperity Agenda, having our members write their perspectives on why Education, Healthcare, Housing, Jobs and Wages, and Progressive Revenue are important to them. For our first week, we are focusing on Education -- Within five years, we want free, publicly funded education for all residents from pre-K through Community, Vocational, or Four-Year College; A good first step would be universal, publicly funded pre-K available for all residents.This is part one of our three-part series on education written by Susan Davidoff, Jane Franz, Maxwell Morrongiello, with input from several others. Thank you!

apple_education.jpgPresident John Kennedy once said “There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” Everyday, Massachusetts policy-makers have a choice: They can choose to act in creating economic prosperity and equality in the commonwealth by investing in Universal Pre-K and free Public Higher Education. Or they can do nothing, and forgo billions of dollars in economic growth.

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100 Town Halls

We just finished driving over 80,000 petition signatures for raising the minimum wage and for earned sick time to 300 City and Town Halls across the state.

And they heard us on Beacon Hill--

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Indexing to Inflation

When the minimum wage stays the same, year after year, it loses value because of the rising cost of inflation. $8 today buys less than it did 5 years ago, and will buy even less 5 years from now.

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