For want of a horseshoe nail... all was lost

Safe Communities: SALEM SOLIDARITY!


We are living in strange --and for immigrants and persons of color, truly frightening-- times. 

We know that THE best hopes of pushing back against the Trump agenda is to pass solid, good policy at the State Level. 

On the Administration's xenophobic anti-immigration policies, our hopes are in the courts -- where we are winning-- and in the states, with good 'Safe' and 'Trust' communities legislation as has been so recently passed by Illinois (!!) and California. 

Massachusetts, Illinois is surpassing us in #Resisting autocracy and state oppression.

Our State Legislature must take up the mantel of justice and adopt an urgency that is so far shockingly absent.* 

To catch up with Illinois, Massachusetts must pass the Safe Communities Act, which is, dumbfoundingly, languishing in committee and without enough champions among our Legislators. With your grassroots outreach and our Safe Communities Coalition's advocacy inside the building, we are making progress -- but time is running out..

...And we are looking at a loose horseshoe nail in Salem.

The Safe Communities Coalition has concluded that losing the Salem welcoming city ordinance would send already nervous legislators running away from the goals of justice for all. All Beacon Hill eyes are watching Salem. A no vote there, on a municipal initiative, could close down the SCA for at least next two years. We must do everything to make sure SCA passes NOW. 

A driving philosophy at Progressive Mass is that taking action, organizing, in our communities is the sine qua non of progress and justice.

So simple, so powerful: Act Locally. 

Gather up your neighbors and friends, and join us to knock on doors and get on phones to help Salem voters make a vote for justice, with a YES ON 1 vote. Help us organize carpools or/and offer your extra seats to drive to Salem (start here for carpools!). Your work will go farther than any other activity this season.**

Right now, we focus on securing a horseshoe nail. 

Join us at the events below -- or / and considering organizing your own in support of Salem Yes on 1. You can set up a phone bank, easy! Just fill out this form to get started, then list your event below! 

*(It's why Progressive Mass doesn't just work on issues --we also work on getting better legislators. A special election in Foxboro affects ALL of us.

** this is true of your volunteer efforts for the special elections, too. In fact, we have two special elections and PM-endorsed candidates. Our endorsees will fight for the SCA. We need to make sure they win. Learn more here:


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10/19: Western MA Phone banking for Salem!

Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 07:00 PM · 3 rsvps

Learn about the SCA, the ballot referendum in Salem, and how you can help!

10/21: Boston-to-Salem Canvassing Convoy

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 09:00 AM · 17 rsvps
North Station in Boston, MA

Hello all! Cbridge Builders - a Cambridge-based Indivisible Chapter - will be leading a field trip up north to Salem to canvass for Yes on 1 on October 21, 2017, a key initiative in our work to pass the statewide Safe Communities Act.

None of us have cars, so we are planning on taking the MBTA (9:30 AM departure; train tix here!) - if you have cars, let us know!


10/21: Needham to Salem for Immigrant Rights! (Safe Comms. Act, Yes on 1)

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 11:45 AM
Carpool Meetup: Hersey Upper Lot

Needham Knocks Doors for Salem Yes on 1 -- in solidarity with immigrants and the Safe Communities Act

(read here to learn more about why Salem is an important priority for fighting the aggressive Trump deportation dragnet)

RSVP that you can Canvass -- and then fill out the Carpool form to let me know if you can drive or want a ride! 


10/21: Safe Communities: ALLIES Canvass for Immigrants' Rights in Salem (Yes on 1)

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 01:00 PM · 28 rsvps
Salem Teacher's Union in Salem, MA

Think Trump: Act Locally: In MA that means following the example of states as different as Calif and Illinois, and passing the Safe Communities Act. In a dem-controlled Legislature, that ought to be easy, but trust us, it's not. 

Especially with Trump whipping up outrageous and frightening xenophobia and enacting aggressive and oppressive deportation machine -- Legislators are scared. But this is exactly when we need political courage and real policy solutions like the Safe Communities Act. 

Salem has emerged as one of the front lines in this battle. 

State lawmakers are watching the result of Salem's Nov. 7 ballot question that asks: Should Salem remain a welcoming city--commit to anti-xenophobia and keeping local resources local?

Lawmakers are already nervous about passing SCA and if Salem's ballot measure goes down, they will run away from support for SCA. It is CRUCIAL that this ballot measure passes in Salem.

We need EVERYBODY's help. THIS IS WHERE AND HOW WE FIGHT TRUMP. Your efforts go a long, long way in local races. And the effect can have national implications. 


Just like we go to other states and make calls out of state, we must do the same WITHIN MA, because we have so much work to do right here. Work that will protect and improve real people's lives. Let's do this, MA! 

RSVP below and we will coordinate with Salem organizers and endorsing organizations (some of which are listed above) for our Allies Meet Up and after-canvass social! (And help get out the word!)

CAN'T MAKE THIS DATE? Get some friends together and make your own carpool-to-canvass! Go to: to coordinate with local organizers on other dates

Host your own salem yes on 1 event

For more events related to the Safe Communities Act, click here

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