Budgets Reflect Our Values

Are we progressive, Massachusetts? Or do we continue to buy into the Trump narrative of austerity? 

Advocate for investing in Massachusetts. Make your call/email by Monday!!


Close Call on Obamacare, phew! But... 

It's not enough to hold the line on healthcare. We must push for bigger solutions--and we can do it, right here in Massachusetts. 

Massachusetts can lead the way with Single Payer Healthcare. But legislators need to know you want them to act.

Find out where your legislator stands on the "Massachusetts Medicare for All" bill. 


Go Straight to the Halls of Power 

We know that making the progressive changes we desperately need requires engagement on many fronts. On May 3, we're showing up at the State House to make noise for change. 

Want Single Payer? We could have that in Massachusetts.

Want $15 minimum wage? We could have that in Massachusetts.

Want our residents protected in all the ways available from Muslim bans and Immigration raids? We can do more in Massachusetts. 

Show up. Get informed. Go to the lawmakers directly. We're doing all of that, Lobby Day. Sign up, and bring a friend, too. 

RSVP and find out more here! 

A Show of Power. Next, Organize.

The Trump election and its appalling first actions has galvanized ordinary citizens across the globe. 

Progressive Mass was founded on the principle that grassroots, community organizing is an essential component to changing the direction of our politics and policy. 

We also know that we are more effective organizing for change right here in MA.

We have an easy first step. Read on

How'd Beacon Hill Do Last Session? 

We've been making the case that in the age of Trump, Massachusetts should become a progressive beacon -- that the moral universe demands it.

As we start the next 190th Legislative Session, a review of the one just passed can help identify where we can do better. Our scorecards may require a nice cup of tea or other drink to fully ponder, but they can provide an invaluable insight into where we can improve as we look to the next two years. 

Read more about preparing the 189th Scorecard

Go to the 189th House Scorecard - 189th Senate Scorecard 


Are You Listening, Legislators?

President-Elect Donald Trump has appointed a notorious school privatizer to run his Department of Education. 

In contrast to the privatizing forces about to be unleashed on the rest of the country, Massachusetts has instead shown that we value excellence in traditional public schools for all children. 

The question is -- will the State House listen? 

Tell us how you'd like to help!

On electoral campaigns, issues and community organizing, there's always a way to get involved and lend a hand.

At time-sensitive moments, we put out periodic calls to action, when our citizen engagement can make the most difference. Filling out your volunteer profile helps us know we can count on you when it's most important. 

Let us know, here, how you can help. 

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