100 Town Halls

We just finished driving over 80,000 petition signatures for raising the minimum wage and for earned sick time to 300 City and Town Halls across the state.

And they heard us on Beacon Hill--

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Last week the Senate passed the conferenced bill that would raise the minimum wage to $11 an hour, and yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, the house passed it as well. Soon, it will be sent it to the Governor's desk for his signature and passage.

  • Over 600,000 low wage earners will get wage increases.

  • These wage increases will total over $1.1 billion dollars to help these hard working people and to help our economy.

  • Massachusetts’ highest minimum wage law will be a beacon for other states -- encouraging other states to join the national movement to higher wages.

  • Read more about who a raise in the minimum wage will affect here.

This only happened because of the grassroots pressure -- because we collected over 360,000 signatures to get these two questions on the ballot in November.

The Raise Up Coalition is made up of thousands of volunteers from many hundreds of congregations, community organizations, and labor unions working together to collect over 360,000 signatures to qualify raising the minimum wage and earned sick time to be on the ballot. Progressive Massachusetts contributed over 20,000 of those signatures, the highest of any community group. Congratulations to everyone for their incredibly hard work!

As we know, the minimum wage bill that is going through the Statehouse is not inclusive of everything we asked-- while it does raise the minimum wage to $11 (we were asking for $10.50), but it doesn’t index the minimum wage to inflation, and it doesn’t have adequate increases in the tipped minimum wage. However, $11 an hour is an incredible win for the campaign, raising the minimum wage in Massachusetts to the highest in the nation.

We are continuing the signature turn in process to qualify minimum wage and earned sick time for the ballot as the bill would need to be signed by the Governor before our deadline in order for us to consider withdrawing our ballot question on minimum wage.  

Meanwhile, the earned sick time ballot question is still not being taken to a vote -- this question is still going to the ballot in November.

Join us on Thursday, June 26 at 11 for a rally on the State House steps and then to march around the corner to turn in the petition signatures to the Secretary of State's office to qualify them for the ballot. Can you join us as we celebrate this accomplishment and start our ballot campaign?


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Big thanks to everyone who helped us collect petitions signatures with Progressive Mass and the Raise Up Massachusetts Campaign (far too many to list out here!)

And special thanks to Susan Davidoff, Robert Fitzpatrick, Alicia Garza, Dhruba Sen, Amanda Smith, Harmony Wu and Eileen Zalisk for helping us deliver petitions to city and town halls.

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