House Analysis, Midway thru 189th Legislative Session


The 189th Final Progressive Mass Scorecard is here--with a new interface!

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1 | Snapshot of the House of Representatives

2 | Composition of the House: Dem Supermajority

3 | Follow the Leadership

4 | Who's Voting How?

5 | Progressive Legislation Being Put Off

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Snapshot of the House of Representatives

Halfway through the 2015-2016 session, and before a series of important budget votes, we’re sharing our ongoing scorecard.

There are a few interesting things to note, particularly in the House of Representatives. (Our analysis on the Senate appears here).

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Partisan Composition of the House: Dem Supermajority

The House has 125 Democrats and 35 Republicans. There are 46 members in the Progressive Caucus; they are all Democrats.

  • Democrats are 78% majority of the House
  • Republicans are 22% of House membership
  • The Progressive Caucus members (as reported at the beginning of 189th session) represent
  • 29% of the entire membership
  • 37% of all the Democrats

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Follow the Leadership

Massachusetts legislative districts have great diversity, politically. But, every session, the vast majority of legislators have a voting record that is virtually (and sometimes, absolutely) identical to Speaker DeLeo’s.

Many reading this will already know that the Speaker’s position is quite powerful. But when legislators coming from districts as diverse as Amherst (very liberal) and Hingham (more conservative), and yet still have the exact same voting record -- are the voters’ interests being best served?

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Who’s Voting How?

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Progressive Legislation Being Put Off

With so many issues of critical importance in the Commonwealth, it is truly disappointing how little effort had been made to bring certain important legislative items to a vote in 2015. The biggest, most important -- or contentious -- issues are still pending as of writing.

Consider the Progressive Massachusetts legislative agenda, or the issues we hear about in every day in the news. On these important and sometimes controversial matters, the legislature has done very little so far. Bringing to the floor critical progressive policy can give strong Progressives the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their colleagues as progressive leaders. As more issues get a debate on the floor, and contentious issues such as charter schools, Paid Family Medical Leave and the Fair Share amendment are debated, along with their accompanying amendments, we hope that the the hard work of Progressive legislators will become more apparent.

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