2013-2014 Legislative Priorities

The Massachusetts Legislature starts its two-year session in January of every odd year.  By the end of January, more than 7,000 bills have been filed, committee chairs are appointed and bills assigned to their respective committees.  Over the course of the next two years, hearings will be held, testimony will be received and some bills will be referred positively out of committee – generally those which leadership in the House and the Senate are willing to move on.

Progressive Massachusetts has reviewed the bills filed by members of the House and the Senate and we are currently tracking over 200 bills which we think might be of interest to our members.  At the same time, we have prioritized fewer than 25.  We did so based on feedback from our members, information about what might move this legislative session and support from our partners in the advocacy community.  Not every one of these bills is the bold step we would like to see but each makes important progress on an issue of economic, social or environmental justice.

You can read about our priorities here:

Job Growth and the Economy

Education and Workforce Development

Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Affordable Housing

Energy and the Environment


Health Care

Welfare Reform

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