2014 Endorsement Questionnaires



Start preparing for your vote! As you vet the candidates and study their platforms, use our questionnaires to find out where candidates stand on specific policies that will move our state toward greater economic justice and a renewed, shared prosperity. 

Share these questionnaires and start conversations at caucuses, community meetings and candidate events!

And share with us what you think and what you hear!

*Notes on Our Endorsement Process

Every Democratic candidate for statewide office was invited to submit a questionnaire to be considered for endorsement by our members. Some candidates chose not to seek our endorsement.

Our endorsement committee will review the responses, ask clarifying and follow-up questions and develop recommendations for dues-paying members of Progressive Mass.

ballotbox.jpgDues-paying members in good standing will receive an email with instructions on how to vote for the candidates they want to earn our endorsement. Only dues-paying members can cast endorsement votes

There are a number of good candidates in every race. To earn our endorsement, a candidate must get 60% of the total vote. We set this very high bar because we see campaigns as part of our larger effort to build long term progressive strength. If our members are divided on an endorsement, we won't endorse (but we will encourage members to volunteer for progressives they believe in!).

Should no candidate receive the required 60%, we will revisit the issue after the June Democratic Convention, when the field may be clearer and members will have has more time to see, hear and question the candidates.

To prepare for your vote, we encourage members to start reading, sharing and discussing the candidates' responses and our Shared Prosperity agenda, which informed our questionnaire. And, at candidate events, caucuses, social media, and other venues, progressives can use this time before the convention and primaries to push campaign conversations toward vigorous debate of the issues from the left.

Voting for gubernatorial candidates opens May 9 and closes May 16. Members in good standing will receive an email with voting instructions. Be ready! And let us know what you're thinking and what you see in these candidate responses.

Voting for other offices will open at a later date TBA. 






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