Raise Up 2015: A Grassroots Win! (And Next Steps in 2016)

You worked so hard to gather signatures to put the Fair Share Amendment on the ballot.

And I have a terrific update for you --

we_did_it.jpgNot only did we collect 157,000 signatures statewide, we have recently learned that the progressive income tax amendment has enough certified signatures to move on to the next step! We made it!

Thank you, and congratulations to everyone who helped gather signatures. You organized, and you mobilized, and you go this done. 

This was a big first milestone -- and we did it! But the fight for progressive revenue to fund our communities is far from over...

What's Next

The next step is a vote by the full legislature - both the house and the senate - where we will need to win 25%, or 50 votes. We expect that vote to come sometime this Winter or early spring.

While we are confident we can get 50 votes, it will take all of us working together to fight back against efforts to weaken our proposal with amendments.

While we have cleared the first hurdle, winning in the legislature not once, but twice (we have to win another vote of 25% in 2017) will be a huge challenge, .... and then, we have to win at the ballot in 2018, where we can expect a coalition of millionaires and billionaires to spend big to protect the status quo.

But I know that when the progressive grassroots is organized, we can make great things happen together. 

I'm looking forward to the next three years, and our work together to raise revenue for education and transportation.

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