2016 Legislative Elections

2016 Legislative Primary Endorsements

Congratulations to the candidates endorsed by our members for the September 8 (Thursday) primary!  

As illustrated in their excellent and comprehensive questionnaire responses, each of these candidates has a strong understanding of the challenges facing the Commonwealth and a commitment to addressing them with progressive solutions.

If we want a progressive Massachusetts, we need a more progressive legislature!

Although we saw some significant progressive victories this past legislative session, too many important policies have been left unfinished, demonstrating just how much we need these progressive voices in the State House.

Show your support for a progressive legislature by volunteering for and making a campaign contribution to your endorsed candidates.

Remember, in legislative races, your time and dollars have a far greater impact than in federal races! And legislative races are where we develop the progressive bench.

We sincerely thank all the candidates who stepped up to run for office and also for filling out our comprehensive questionnaire. The candidates who chose to pursue your endorsement know that the progressive grassroots --you-- are a key element in making Massachusetts progressive.

And, don’t forget to mark election day—THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8—on your calendar!

There are contested races across the state (not only the ones we’ve highlighted). A Thursday election is unusual -- help get the progressive vote out, by using our Facebook event to share with your networks.

Thank you for all that you do!

-- The Election and Endorsement Committee


To view all candidate questionnaires, click here.

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