2016 Legislative Elections (PRIMARY/VOTING PROCESS; ARCHIVE)

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Notes on Our Endorsement Process

Our Election and Endorsement Committee reviewed the field and focused on legislative races that can make the biggest impact on the progressive landscape. (While we would like to engage in all competitive races, it is currently not yet possible. As we grow as an organization, we can do more). The Committee reached out to the campaigns to solicit questionnaire responses. Some candidates chose not to seek your endorsement as members of Progressive Massachusetts.

Our endorsement committee has reviewed the responses, asked clarifying and follow-up questions and developed voting recommendations for dues-paying members of Progressive Mass. 

Dues-paying members have received an email with instructions on how to vote for the candidates they want to earn our endorsement. Only dues-paying members can cast endorsement votes

To earn our endorsement, a candidate must get 60% of the total vote. We set this bar very high because we see campaigns as part of our larger effort to build long term progressive strength. If our members are divided on an endorsement, we won't endorse (but we will encourage members to volunteer for progressives they believe in!).

As a companion to the endorsement questionnaires, you may want to review our Progressive Platform, which informed our questionnaire. 

Voting is open July 28-August 1. Members in good standing will receive an email with voting instructions. Vote--and let us know what you're thinking and what you see in these candidate responses.

Voting for ballot question endorsements will open at a later date TBA. 


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