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We don't want to live in a Massachusetts that protects the right to discriminate against people who are transgender. We're running out of time. Tell the State House -- pass the Transgender Accommodations bill -- no more delays! SIGN our petition below and we'll deliver your message to your State Rep. (Don't forget your address, so we can deliver it to the right place!)


transrights-deleo.jpgDear Representative, 

It's been long enough. Legislative leadership promised a vote on “An Act Relative to Transgender Anti-Discrimination” before the end of 2015. The Senate has already passed the measure. And, as the end of the legislative session nears, it's time for a vote.

State law still leaves transgender Bay Staters vulnerable and unequal.  Just for being themselves, transgender people can be denied service or access at a restaurant, in a public park or in medical offices.

An Act Relative to Transgender Anti-Discrimination” would explicitly protect our neighbors, friends and family from discrimination.

As my representative in the State House, I'm asking you to urge leaders to bring this bill to a vote as soon as possible. There can be no more delay. Our transgender family, friends and neighbors shouldn't have to wait any longer.  

Massachusetts should be the leader in transgender rights. After North Carolina's shameful anti-LGBTQ vote, our own lack of forward momentum is all the more glaring.

We should be on the vanguard, not standing idly by.  

Please let me know how you are advocating for this bill with your colleagues on the Hill. 

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Brad Rothrock
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signed 2016-03-30 08:53:12 -0400
Make Massachusetts the leader it has always been for equal rights for all its citizens. Show NC and other states what equality looks like under the SCOTUS ruling that we all have the same rights, such as marrying the adult of our choice, and the same protections.
signed 2016-03-30 08:49:31 -0400
signed 2016-03-30 08:49:02 -0400
This needs to be passed NOW!
signed 2016-03-30 08:48:42 -0400
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