Scorecard Updates

The Progressive Scorecard has been transformed!


Since we first introduced our first scorecard in 2013, our goal has been to make a tool for voters to be able to assess their legislators’ voting record.

We took the seemingly simple task (“find out my State Legislators’ votes on progressive issues”), and have sunk in innumerable hours on research and data entry into thousands and thousands of cells, to produce our scrappy, eye-straining spreadsheet.

It’s been worth it. From that data,

  • We have been able to better tell the story of how the Legislature works in Massachusetts.
  • We’ve been better able to identify the progressive champions who took risky votes on important principles.
  • We’ve been better able to see how power and compromise function under the Dome.

And we know that when grassroots activists like you take insights from the scorecard to your elected representatives, this simple info (so hard to get at!) can have its intended effect.

Transparency and accountability go hand in hand.

Still, it was a dizzyingly dense document (we know!!).

It took a while to really “get” how and why it was useful. There was a steep learning curve, limiting the audience for better understanding of the fate of progressive legislation on Beacon Hill.

And so, we are really excited to share with you our new scorecard interface, by Alex Holachek, who contributed her thoughtfulness and expertise as a front-end developer to make our work more accessible.

It’s clean, user-friendly, sortable, and searchable.

It’s much, much easier to navigate and explore than the previous Tetris version of blue and red pluses and minuses!

Check it out:

  • How’d your rep do on last session’s scorecard?
  • Where does your state senator stand on the this session’s Progressive Agenda cosponsorships?
  • How does your legislator vote in relation to other electeds? Party? Leadership?
  • Find out:

With more time, labor and resources, we hope to expand the materials to include past scorecards and are exploring exciting possibilities in next iterations. But make no mistake, despite the elegant presentation, thanks to Alex's brilliant execution, the background work required is painstaking and long. 

Everything we do is possible because of hard-working volunteers and member funding.

We are all better equipped as advocates because of this work by tireless researchers, legislative watchers, HTML fixers, UX designers, data entry jockeys, copy editors, proofreaders.

With more people and more resources, we can more effectively and efficiently scale up our reach and improve access to this material--and make our collective progressive voice even more influential.

And, I know that there would be no greater compliment to the truly massive amount of work by tireless volunteers than your contribution today in appreciation of the scorecard team's herculean efforts for all of our behalf.

PS: if your wonkish self still 💛 the spreadsheets, those still exist!

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