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Overriding a veto, the Legislature
passed a raise for
ranking legislators,
state constitutional officers,
and judges.

We think hard work should be compensated fairly.
For everyone. 
Tell your legislators:
Fight for 15 
(and shared prosperity for all) 

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Dear Legislators,

Although I have concerns with how the pay raise was passed, I understand the value of paying public servants well.

If such offices are not well-compensated, then only those who are independently wealthy would be able to run for office and serve the public.

Additionally, compensating legislators fairly can eliminate the need for them to have second jobs, which often create a landmine of ethics conflicts, as we have seen on the national level.

But low-wage workers across Massachusetts deserve a raise, too.

Despite the latest minimum wage increase, the minimum wage is not a living wage, and no one who works full time should be in poverty.  

That is why I urge you to push for a $15 minimum wage for all workers.

If you have not already, please co-sponsor SD.984, "An Act to improve the Commonwealth’s economy with a strong minimum wage and a strong tipped minimum wage."

Although the deadline for co-sponsoring the House bill (HD.2719), there is no deadline for co-sponsoring Senate bills.

Cross-chamber co-sponsorship would really illustrate your commitment to fair compensation--not only for your Beacon Hill colleagues, but for hard-working low-wage workers, who are trying to get by with honest work, too.

I would like to thank for your support for fair compensation for all, and encourage you to put pressure on your peers to pass the $15 minimum wage, as well as other economic justice legislation found on the Progressive Mass legislative agenda.


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we need to make sure that MA voters, citizens, taxpayers , working families, citizens are building a strong shield so we will not be harmed by the trump administration.
signed 2017-03-19 10:01:44 -0400
Let us remember our founding fathers and mothers and what they did and died for
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