2017. Building what we need.

Building what we want to see

IT'S BEEN A YEAR, this 2017. And as a community, we have risen to its challenges. But, it's not enough to fight back: we must lead a progressive path forward. While we fight, we must also create and nurture the infrastructure to be stronger the next round (there will always be a next round).

Progressive Mass started as a group of organizers--old hands and many, many newbies--who saw how much valuable time and energy was wasted rediscovering wheels and reduplicating work, over and over. Our conclusion: progressives lacked an infrastructure to support grassroots organizing and activism--and an umbrella organization to produce and share resources, research, plans, infrastructures, coordination, tools. It's not flashy, but it's important. 

And so, 

  • If you believe that local neighborhood teams, regular people, are driving big changes, and that this power, when coordinated and focused, is stronger together...
  • If you've found valuable any of these--the scorecards, the drill-down analyses (eg, this), the legislation tracking, the calls to action at critical junctures, the endorsements and candidate questions, the tweets, the information, the resources, the convenings and conference calls, the connecting and the camaraderie...
  • If you're tired of Top Down political parties that barely fuss around the edges and think we need a people-powered revolution in politics....
  • If you understand that the way to fight Trump is to fight at the state level--to lead by example, to protect and invest in our communities, indivisible with justice for All (that means all), the way we really should....
  • If you think Massachusetts at the state level should be as good as we think we are (we are not)....
  • If you know that doing politics differently means WE have to bankroll it, so that the hoops and strings are not controlled by a few generous benefactors but rather by “we the people”,...
  • If you understand that building an organization with these values, creating a community that can strengthen connections and expand and welcome new ones, and also deliver quality work takes sweat, time, labor, relationships, mistakes, dollar resources, changes, incremental and big, more labor and more time...

...please mark the end of Year 1 of Trump with an investment into the work and the vision of Progressive Massachusetts.

This is a marathon --generational marathon-- and with your help, we’re going to be here for it. We need your contribution AND your initiative, action and organizing!

Together we are building a system designed to sustain the work, for the long haul. 

It is run by us, by members, because campaigns and disastrous people in power come and go, but the work endures. 

We are maximizing our efforts with tools and information, strategic priorities and tactical calls to action --and with your help, making real, step by step progress forward. 

This is the work we need to do. Thank you for your leadership in getting it done. 


grassroots is how we grow!

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