2017 Special Election: 4th Middlesex - July 25

4th Middlesex (Senate)

CLICK HERE FOR CANDIDATES' QUESTIONNAIRES: progressivemass.com/questionnaire-pdf


 Early last month, Senator Ken Donnelly (D-Arlington) passed away.

Senator Donnelly had been the lead sponsor of the $15 minimum wage bill and a reliable champion of economic justice and other progressive issues in the State House.

Voters in the 4th Middlesex District, which includes Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Woburn, and parts of Lexington, will go to the polls in just over a month--Tuesday, June 27--for a primary election to elect their next senator (there is no Republican in the race).

And it is important to all of us that voters send a strong progressive -- who will fight for our values and goals -- to take that seat. 

Three Democrats are running: Sen. Donnelly’s chief of staff Cindy Friedman, State Rep Sean Garballey, and MA Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Parent Representative and former chair of the Lexington School Committee Mary Ann Stewart.

The Progressive Massachusetts Elections & Endorsements Committee invited all three candidates to return responses to our detailed candidate questionnaire, which covers our Legislative Agenda and other priorities.

 CLICK HERE FOR CANDIDATES' QUESTIONNAIRES: progressivemass.com/questionnaire-pdf (4th Middlesex)


After much deliberation, the EEC recommends “No Endorsement.”

In this strong field, the Committee agreed each of the three candidates would be great allies to have on Beacon Hill. Each shows a commitment and history of championing the issues of shared prosperity, racial and social justice, open government and strong democracy, and sustainable infrastructure and environmental protection--the planks of the Progressive Mass platform.

The residents of the 4th Middlesex district are fortunate to have three progressive candidates from which to choose. Indeed, we know that the strong progressive organizing and advocacy in the district have been essential to building the pathways for such a robust field.

Though the EEC has made this recommendation, YOU--the members--are the ultimate decision-makers for Progressive Massachusetts, so the deciding vote on endorsement now goes to you.

There are five options:

(1) Endorse Cindy Friedman, (2) Endorse Sean Garballey, (3) Endorse Mary Ann Stewart, (4) No Endorsement, (5) Abstain.

A candidate needs 60% of all votes to secure an endorsement. Abstentions do not count toward that threshold.

Members have until May 31, 2017, to make their choice for our Progressive Mass endorsement

VOTING PAGE: 2017specialelection-4thmiddlesex-vote

Update (5/4/2017): As no candidate reached 60%, there will be no endorsement in the race. We look forward to working with all three of the candidates to advance progressive change, whether they are in the State House or not (and hold the winner accountable to his/her promises).


CLICK HERE FOR CANDIDATES' QUESTIONNAIRES: progressivemass.com/questionnaire-pdf



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