2018 Special Election -- 2nd Bristol

UPDATE! Our members have endorsed Jim Hawkins for State Rep, 2nd Bristol. Learn how you can help make a more progressive State House--so we can win more of our priorities!--by checking in here!


Last fall, Representative Paul Heroux (D-Attleboro) was elected as mayor of Attleboro.

Rep. Heroux had been a co-sponsor of 15 out of our 16 priority bills for this session. We have an ambitious agenda and need a champion to help us push it forward.

Special elections can be tough, but Attleboro elected a strong progressive (Paul Feeney) in the special Senate election last fall and an elect a strong progressive again.

The Candidates (Democratic Primary)

Jim Hawkins: Read Jim Hawkins's questionnaire here.

Paulo Salgueiro: Did not submit a questionnaire.

Ty Waterman: Did not submit a questionnaire.

EEC Recommendation

The Elections & Endorsement Committee reached out to all three candidates in the Democratic primary. One candidate (Ty Waterman) declined to fill out our questionnaire, and another (Pablo Salgueiro) was unresponsive. The third candidate -- Jim Hawkins -- did, and impressed the EEC with his history of community activism and advocacy for public education and his strong commitment toward advancing a progressive legislative agenda. The EEC thus strongly recommends that Progressive Mass endorse Jim Hawkins.

Your Turn

The ultimate decision of whether/whom to endorse belongs with you, the members. Please vote, following instructions you received in your email. 60% is required for endorsement.


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