Special Elections have Special Powers

Support Progressive Candidates on the State and Local Level

Finally getting Massachusetts back on track as the progressive leader we once were is a project with many fronts—grassroots organizing, legislative pressure, and electoral change … We need to build a better, more progressive Beacon Hill. Not just in name, but in actual policy-making and priority-setting.

To win on our issues: we need more legislators willing to stand up to the forces in the system that have pulled our policy too far to the right.


Yet too many routine elections are low turnout—and special elections are lower still. While depressing, it signals a critical site of pressure for progressives.

Given the low turnout in special elections, your door-knocking, calling, and donations matter even more. There’s been a string of these "specials", and last year, we helped elect progressive allies Paul Feeney and Andy Vargas.


Every seat where we can get a progressive “upgrade” for a seat is an important piece of the giant puzzle. What happens in Attleboro matters to Amherst, and vice versa. So let’s put our labor, our time, our dollars in for a progressive win on March 6.

Our members endorsed Jim Hawkins in the 2nd Bristol special election. The primary is around the corner on Tuesday, March 6th. A former MTA district coordinator, Jim would be a strong progressive addition to the Legislature, but only if we help his campaign with grassroots work and dollars.

Join the progressive grassroots campaign to ensure that we add another strong progressive voice to the State House.

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