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ACLU Freedom Agenda and Progressive MA Bill TrackingHello allies in Equality and Justice for all! We're here at the State House with ACLU MA on their #FreedomAgenda lobby day, and we have a few tools that might be useful today. 

The ACLU MA Freedom Agenda shares many of the same legislative priorities as the Progressive Mass Legislative Agendaand Progressive Mass has worked in many coalitions with the ACLU MA (including the Safe Communities Coalition: we invite you to participate in our grassroots work with the Coalition!). 

Successfully lobbying your legislators means getting up to speed on their positions, and this can be particularly hard in Massachusetts: our Legislature is notoriously opaque. What you might assume to be the easiest information --"where does my legislator stand on ____?" -- can be frustratingly difficult to find out. 

Our Scorecard and Legislative Tracking for our Agenda priorities are designed to help. Here's a handy list of the bills we're tracking that are also on the #FreedomAgenda. Click and see: Is your legislator a supporter (yet)? 

Where Does Your Legislator Stand on the #FreedomAgenda?

  • While we did not include electronic privacy bills on our Progressive Legislative Agenda, we fully support ACLU's advocacy in advancing these. You can find info on the bill sponsors here: H2332/Cosponsor and S943/Cosponsor

(HINT: scan the "PETITIONERS" tab for your legislators' names. If it doesn't appear, they have not yet chosen to co-sponsor, a key indicator of a legislator's support for a bill). 

CHECK BACK THRU-OUT THE DAY -- we'll be adding a few tools we hope will help! 

Good luck and thank you for doing this IMPORTANT work in pushing for real change--in our laws. Massachusetts CAN and SHOULD lead the nation. With your help, we can make it happen. 

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