Agawam Letter: Let’s invest in our communities

Recently one of our leaders from Western Mass, Corinne Wingard, published the following letter in support of new revenue. 

Letter to the Editor, The Republican

Gov. Patrick seeks long-term growth

The article ‘$400M needed for I-91 job,” (The Republican, Feb. 14) doesn’t mention that Gov. Deval L. Patrick’s revenue reform proposal roughly doubles the personal exemption, protecting lower and moderate income earners.

About 50 percent of taxpayers would pay the same or less. Only those in extreme upper income brackets pay significantly more. Tax cuts in the past decade have substantially reduced our tax revenues with dramatic reductions in nearly every state program.

Another proposal, “An Act to Invest in Our Communities” filed by the Coalition for Our Communities gives the amount of local aid lost by each City/Town on their website, The governor has saved billions by reducing inefficiency and waste, addressing long-term liabilities, state workforce reductions, controlling health care and energy costs, reforming Transportation and more.

It has been years since “Taxachusetts” describes our state. Per the U.S. Census, Massachusetts ranked 25th in Taxes in FY-2010 [relevant figure from Mass Budget, below]


From Mass Budget and Policy

The exact form revenue reform takes requires serious consideration, but we should all be able to agree that our state needs substantially more new revenue, and include in the discussion the importance of investing for long-term growth and our current and future well-being. 


From: Letters to the Editor: Gov. Patrick seeks long-term growth | – (2/25/2013) 


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