An Act Establishing Paid Sick Days

S930/H1398; Lead sponsors Sen. Pat Jehlen & Rep. Kay Khan

S930/H1398 would allow Massachusetts employees to earn up to 7 paid sick days per year, at the rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked.  Employees may use sick time for illness, injury or health condition that requires staying home, or professional medical care, attending routine medical appointments, or absences for domestic violence victims.  By preventing families from having to choose between health or financial ruin and job loss, Massachusetts will become a safer and more productive Commonwealth. Almost 1 million Massachusetts private sector workers (more than one-third of the state’s workforce) lack a single guaranteed paid sick day, and more than half of Massachusetts private sector workers cannot take any sick time to care for a sick child or elderly parent. This bill will help prevent families from falling into economic chaos due to an unexpected illness or health care emergency.

Status: Reported favorably out of Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.

|Massachusetts Legislation Guide|

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