An Act Preventing Students Dropping Out of School

S. 185; Lead Sponsor: Sen. Chang-Díaz

S185 would improve systems for identifying students who may be at-risk of dropping out, creates the Massachusetts Graduation Coach Initiative, and promotes the availability of alternative educational options for students who leave school before graduating. Each year, more than 8,000 Massachusetts high school students drop out of school, with far-reaching consequences for society. Dropouts are more likely to depend on public assistance, and they make up 70 percent of our jail and prison populations, at an average annual cost of about $46,000 per person. As a state, we have a moral imperative to ensure that all children receive a quality education, and an economic imperative to keep our kids in school.

UPDATE, 3/8/2012: Bill reported out favorably by the Joint Committee on Education

Action: Contact your legislators to ask them to support the bill

Previous Actions:

Action: Contact your legislators to ask them to support the bill

  & ask them to contact Committee on Education Chairs Sen. Chang-Diaz and Rep. Peisch to report out the bill

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