An Act to Promote Efficiency and Transparency in Economic Development

S153/H2565; Sponsored by Sen. Eldridge and Rep. Sciortino

S153/H2565 will expand transparency in how state economic development agencies provide tax breaks to MA corporations by establishing a common, clear website with information on how much and which companies receive taxpayer support, as well as a clear “clawback” standard allowing the state to take back tax breaks if companies don’t create the jobs promised. While the parts of the budget dedicated to health care, human services, education, and the environment have been cut, corporate tax subsidies continue without proper review. Corporations must be held responsible for their use of taxpayer dollars, and the public has a right to clear information in order to conclude whether corporate subsidies are the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Status: Referred to the Joint Committee on Revenue

Action:  Ask your legislators to support bill & ask them to contact Committee on Revenue Chairs Sen. Candaras and Rep. Kaufman to report out the bill

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