The Rise of the Progressives

progressive_lightbulb.jpg“Less than three years after his stunning win, Brown lost to Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat who held herself out as a true progressive. Last year, Stan Rosenberg, liberal stalwart from Amherst, sewed up the Senate presidency well over a year in advance of its anticipated vacancy. Meanwhile, political observers have noted a striking fact about this year’s Democratic gubernatorial field: No one is a moderate.” -- Rise of the Progressives

Boston Globe columnist Tom Keane seems to know what matters to progressives throughout the Commonwealth: civil rights, income inequality, protecting the poor and the middle class, the state budget... in fact, it seems as though Keane has seen our Shared Prosperity Agenda!

Keane argues that Massachusetts election results will shift progressive, because progressives have “proven they can manage an economy while at the same time offer up positions on civil rights and the middle class that resonate with voters.”

He notes that when we talk about our values, we win; read the whole thing on the Boston Globe website.

But the column misses one important angle: how the progressive movement is succeeding.

Progressive Massachusetts was started by volunteers in a living room, with the idea that by connecting grassroots activists across the state, we can pull our Commonwealth back onto a progressive path. We know that these encouraging progressive advances described in “Rise of the Progressives” didn’t just happen by accident but are the result of tireless hard work of everyday activists.

At Progressive Massachusetts, our activists help us win. Our activists work on our issue campaigns like Raise Up Massachusetts to raise the minimum wage and provide earned sick time for all by getting it on the ballot, and our work to modernize elections; we contact our representatives to hold them accountable; we participate in a daily priority action; we vote for true progressives by seeing where our representatives have voted in our scorecard and roll calls; we vote to endorse the best candidates.

“The Rise of the Progressives” is sparking a discussion among Massachusetts citizens. Help shape the narrative -- add a comment online or in our comments section below. Share your experiences: what’s working in your community to advance the progressive agenda?

Then spread the word: Massachusetts Progressives are on the rise.


Did you catch the letter from Ben Wright, our Exec. Director, in today's Boston Globe (May 2, 2014)? 







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