Buffer Zone Law

Last week, the US Supreme Court overturned Massachusetts’ 2007 buffer zone law. Now, it's even easier for anti-choice zealots to harass women seeking reproductive health care -- and their doctors, nurses, and staff -- in their cars, and as they enter the building.

Fortunately, Senator Harriette Chandler has filed An Act to Promote Public Safety and Protect Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities, which would enable law enforcement officials to ensure that women seeking constitutionally protected medical care have safe, unimpeded access to facilities, and disperse protesters who harass clinic patrons. Make sure that your legislators know that you stand with women by signing the petition below.

Dear Legislator,

We, the undersigned residents of Massachusetts believe that all women should have access to health care free of harassment. Unfortunately, when Massachusetts' buffer zone law was overturned by the US Supreme Court last week, the anti-choice zealots who could previously harass women from 35 feet away, can now get as close to them as they want, and the results have been horrifying.

Fortunately, a bill, An Act to Promote Public Safety and Protect Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities, is moving rapidly through the legislative process, and we expect you to vote on it as soon as next week. We urge you to vote 'yes' and restore basic protections to women seeking health care.


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