Building a Progressive Grassroots Movement

Progressive Massachusetts was created with the central premise that to create the kind of transformative progressive change the Commonwealth (and the nation) needs, we must build, sustain and invest in grassroots infrastructure.

We’re not in this for one cycle. With you, progressive activists and citizens, we’re trying to build a movement.

And this is why we do endorsements a lot differently from other organizations. A small executive committee of political insiders, horse-trading alliances, doesn’t make the decision to endorse. Instead, our sustaining members, who are invested in our long term vision, choose whom — if anyone — deserves the Progressive Massachusetts endorsement.

Not only do we think this member-driven decision-making is crucial to our long-term commitment to a truly grassroots statewide organization, we also think that our endorsement represents a much more relevant and accurate perspective into electoral races. Our grassroots endorsement voters take us outside the bubble of the political insiders, and offer a better evaluation of candidates’ principles and values.

Not Just Elections

Our grassroots supporters' endorsements have included Elizabeth Warren, and State Legislative progressive candidates like Senators Jason Lewis and Linda Dorcena Forry and Representatives Jay Livingstone and Mary Keefe, and our most recent endorsement of Don Berwick for Governor.

But electoral races are just one part of the work we are doing to build a progressive Massachusetts and restore our Commonwealth as the leader for the nation.

We are proud of the work that Progressive Mass has been engaged in over the past two years. We’ve advocated for the highest possible minimum wage, pushed back against punitive welfare law changes, helped lead a coalition for a comprehensive election reform bill, and took a stand for a progressive tax package this legislative session, while also creating a legislative scorecard to help voters see where their legislators stand on crucial progressive votes.

And that's just some of the highlights.


We are a movement-focused organization. Members’ contributions sustain the organization and make our work possible. As politics becomes increasingly driven by an ever smaller percent of billionaires, professionalized political insiders and corporate interests, we cannot stress enough how important it is to fund grassroots organizations with a broad base of smaller contributions.

All of this grassroots organizing, campaigning and issues work don’t just happen on its own. It takes labor and resources. In addition to our staff, Executive Director Ben Wright and our tireless Field Director, Shaina Kasper, we rent an office in downtown Boston, and we pay for all of the usual things that a political organization pays for.

With all this in mind, we hope you will join Progressive Mass as a grassroots supporting member, and perhaps even make a large donation, if you like the work that we’re doing.

Support our work and help build a truly grassroots organization working for a progressive Massachusetts!



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