Candidates for Congress in the 5th CD

We have received questionnaires from four candidates running to replace Ed Markey and we encourage you to review their answers by clicking their names.

In addition, each of these individuals has served in the Massachusetts legislature.

As we have noted elsewhere, sorting thru Beacon Hill votes can be a frustrating exercise. This impedes voters’ ability to measure candidates’ rhetoric against their actual records, to ask informed questions, to compare candidates with each other.

We’ve already sorted thru and organized the votes in 2011-12 and 2013-14 to find votes on progressive issues. And special for the MA-05 race, we’ve gone back to 2009-10 — when all the candidates were in the House together — to find roll calls of interest to the progressive voter.

2009-10 votes are not “scored” — we leave it to you to determine which vote best aligns with your values. For 2011-12 and 2013-14 votes, we indicate whether the legislator voted with the progressive position ["  +  "] or against the progressive position ["  -  "]. We also provide the total number of votes for and against the progressive position — so you can assess where the legislators stood in relation to her or his colleagues.


Current House Session (Sciortino)

Current Senate Session (Brownsberger, Clark, Spilka)

2011-2012 House Session (Sciortino, Brownsberger)

2011-2012 Senate Session (Clark, Spilka)

2009-2010 House Session (Brownsberger, Clark, Koutoujian, Sciortino)

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