Changing Narrative: Change the State House

Last week was kind of an amazing one for the larger conversation about politics in Massachusetts.

In case you missed it, some in the political establishment reacted poorly to the suggestion, made by State Senator Jamie Eldridge, that progressives need to organize and reassert influence in Massachusetts politics. (Hear Sen. Eldridge talk about this story on the Commonwealth podcast, here)

Meanwhile, the progressive grassroots applauded -- it's a narrative many of us have been voicing for a long time, finally getting public airing.

So let's move beyond just talk.

What better way than to actively support 5 candidates who will make our legislature more progressive -- and help legislate solutions to real problems facing the people of the Commonwealth. (Don't believe me? Listen to John Oliver!)

Volunteer, and help get out the progressive vote on Thursday, September 8 (yes, Thursday!).

With volunteer opportunities from Worcester to Roxbury and Ashland and Cambridge in between, now is proressives’ chance to change Beacon Hill and move our agenda forward.


When we mobilize, we can win! 
Volunteer this weekend! Read/click for more info, below:

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