November 4, Vote for Our Values



Martha Coakley for Governor

Steve Kerrigan for Lieutenant Governor

Maura Healey for Attorney General

Deb Goldberg for Treasurer

*see our legislative recommendations, here


The election on November 4 is about  about our core values. We need a Governor that will work for all of Massachusetts’ residents. We’ve been watching the candidates and speaking with our members, and in the race for Governor, the choice is clear. Martha Coakley and Steve Kerrigan are the strongest champions for our priorities. Martha Coakley is a strong advocate of universal pre-K and she has made question 4, earned sick time for all, a central part of her campaign. She is running a strong grassroots campaign and many of you are already hard at work to elect Coakley as our next governor. We encourage everyone to contribute your time, donations to make sure our progressive agenda is a priority with the next administration.



In contrast, Martha Coakley’s opponents Baker and Polito have been playing familiar politics with our most vulnerable citizens, all while demurring on Polito’s teaparty affiliation and socially conservative extremism.

Further down the ticket, for Treasurer, we are pleased to recommend Deb Goldberg. Our members have nothing but good things to say about Deb, and she has a strong record as a progressive activist.

Rounding out our recommendations on the statewide ballot is Maura Healey for Attorney General, whom we endorsed in the primary and is running a spirited and exciting campaign, inspiring progressives across the Commonwealth.

We are proud of the work our chapters and members have done throughout the year to put these candidates to the test, at forums, events and in our questionnaires. This work has helped communicate our values to the candidates, ensured we are part of the conversation, and make our general election stance clear.

On November 4th, make sure these competitive races result in a win for our values:

Vote for Martha Coakley, Steve Kerrigan, Maura Healey and Deb Goldberg.


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