Demand a Plan for Sensible Gun Control

Over the last week, gun control advocates have won their first victories when the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to make the already illegal practice of buying a gun for someone else — known as a straw purchase — a felony and to expand the use of background checks to private gun sales (closing the gun show loophole).

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, founded by Boston Mayor Tom Menino and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (also from Massachusetts), is at the forefront of the fight.  Check out their latest video announcing broad-based support for sensible gun control.

Then come to our Policy Conference on March 24th.

Jake Sullivan, who serves in Mayor Menino’s Office of Intergovernmental Relations and is his primary liaison to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, will be talking about all aspects of gun violence and gun control as well as progressive solutions like those advocated by David Linsky which Progressive Mass is supporting and tracking.

Chelan Brown, CEO of AWAKE, runs the premier non-profit organization in Springfield that deals with youth involved in gangs.  She will share the amazing story of how street workers build trust, reduce violence and remove illegal guns.

Demand a plan for sensible gun control.

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