Don’t let anti-tax conservatives steal the moment.

In an interview with The Patch,* re-freshman Senator Mike Barrett reveals that opponents to progressive new revenue to fund our communities (e.g., Act to Invest, the Governor’s Proposal) have outnumbered supporters in calls to his office: “in January we heard from 28 constituents against the Governor’s proposals and 10 in favor.” (by the way, Senator Barrett’s contact info: Phone:617-722-1572 – Fax:617-626-0898 –

Massachusetts total state and local taxes is actually less than the national average.

ACTUALLY — total state and local taxes  in MA is slightly below the national average (see Mass Budget).

We know that when people learn about what progressively raised, substantial revenue does for our communities — and the damage caused by 10+years of budget cuts – voters actually support it.

But we need to make sure that message reaches your legislators. Please, call now. Already called recently? Motivate a friend to call. We have resources and organizing help available, so reach out to tell us you’re ready to start organizing for your community.

Find your state rep and state senator – then call!

Suggested Script:

Hi, my name is ____ from  ___.  I’m asking [legislator] to support raising substantial new revenue in a fair way to invest in our community’s many pressing needs.

Both the Governor’s revenue proposal and “An Act to Invest in our Communities” in the Legislature are examples of how we can raise substantial revenue while holding down increases for low- and middle-income families.

Will [you/the legislator] be supporting these or similar plans?

Thanks for your time [and support]!

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