Don’t Let Them Out-Organize Us

We knew this wouldn’t be easy. Though a straightforward and responsible notion — investing in our communities to keep them thriving — it was bound to meet opposition, after decades of trickle-down economics and “no new taxes” pledges. Even though President Obama and Senator Warren won handily with their unapologetic messages of our generational responsibility to fund our future, we still hear cries of “foul” from the same old quarters

And so, it is no surprise to us to learn that conservative forces are mobilizing against the proposals made by Governor Patrick and Campaign for Our Communities, to invest in our communities and keep Massachusetts a great place to live, work and raise a family.

[UPDATE: Opposition has come from much closer quarters -- read more]

Legislators are currently hearing from the opponents to the Governor’s plan and ‘Act to Invest‘. And, disappointingly, too many legislators are dragging their feet. We, as progressives, need to out-organize the opposition and put our grassroots activism to work for progressive legislation.

We need you to make your call to your legislators to stiffen their spines in support of progressive revenue reform, today. But even more, we need your leadership as advocates and community organizers to get others to do the same.

Make your call and record it below (help us track contacts!). And then call on us — we can help you organize your community forOur Communities. (Follow along with Needham’s efforts, on our blog.)

Ready to call?

Click here to look up your State Representative and Senator (why not add them to your address book now?).



Next--check if your legislator is already a co-sponsor 

The legislators listed below are CO-SPONSORS and do not need to be persuaded – you could, however, thank them for their advocacy, to help keep their support strong and unwavering!:


STATE REPRESENTATIVES: Andrews, Denise; Balser, Ruth; Basile, Carlo; Brady, Michael; Coakley-Rivera, Cheryl; Curran, Sean; Decker, Marjorie; Devers, Marcos; Farley-Bouvier, Tricia; Finn, Michael; Henriquez, Carlos; Keefe, Mary; Khan, Kay; Kocot, Peter; Lawn, John; Lewis, Jason; Malia, Elizabeth; Mark, Paul; O’Day, James; Pignatelli, William; Provost, Denise; Rogers, David; Sannicandro, Tom; Sciortino, Carl; Smizik, Frank; Story, Ellen; Sullivan, David; Swan, Benjamin; Toomey, Timothy; Vega, Aaron; Walsh, Chris

STATE SENATORS: Barrett, Michael; Candaras, Gale; Chang-Diaz, Sonia; Donnelly, Kenneth; Eldridge, James; Jehlen, Patricia; Rush, MichaelWelch, James; Wolf, Daniel

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