Ed Markey on the Issues

Civil Rights and Women’s Rights – Ed Markey has always been a steadfast supporter of women’s rights and LGBT equality. 

  • He has a 100% rating by Human Rights Campaign (HRC), indicating a Pro-Gay/Lesbian Rights voting record
  • He has a 100% rating by NAACP, indicating a Pro-Affirmative Action voting record
  • He has a 100% rating by NARAL, indicating a Pro-Choice voting record. (in contrast, Stephen Lynch has a 10% rating by NARAL)
  • He has an 87% rating by the ACLU, indicating a Pro-Civil Rights voting record. (in contrast, Lynch has a 50% rating by the ACLU)

The Environment and Energy Policy – Ed Markey has been a progressive leader on energy and environmental policy throughout his political career

  • He now serves on two energy committees
  • He’s a former chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.
  • He wrote the only climate change bill to pass any chamber of Congress.
  • He voted NO on the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • He has a 100% rating by the League of Conservation Voters, indicating a pro-environment voting record

Corporate Influence on Our Democracy

  • He has a 100% rating by the AFL-CIO indicating a pro-union voting record.
  • The US Chamber, a right-leaning advocacy groupfunded by mega-corporations and the Kochs, gives him a 13% rating
  • He opposes the toxic effects of big money in our politics and supports reversing the effects of “Citizens United”

Education – Ed Markey has a 92% rating by the NEA, indicating a pro-public education record.

Gun Control – The NRA rates his record an “F,” indicating a pro-gun control voting record.

Healthcare – Ed Markey voted YES on the Affordable Care Act Final and supported the President’s health care reform agendathroughout the contentious process. (In contrast, Stephen Lynch voted against health care reform, citing contradictory and inconsistent reasons.)

War and Peace – Ed Markey is rated “A” by IAVA, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and 93% by Peace Action 

Endorsed by -Sierra Club – John Kerry – Steven Grossman – Massachusetts Teachers Association – Barney Frank – Vicki Kennedy – National Education Association – Progressive Massachusetts

✳ Climate Change ✳ Gun Violence ✳Civil Rights ✳ Income Equality

✳ Job Creation ✳ Corporate Overreach ✳

On these important issues and more…

Ed Markey will continue to be a progressive leader for Massachusetts and the nation once elected to the US Senate

For links and sources to this material, see our post on the candidates’ voting records.

Find more info/resources on our main Ed Markey campaign page

PDF version of this material: click here

This overview is meant as a companion to the more detailed “Vote Record” that we used to determine our endorsement. Please see that link for sources for the material below.

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