Elections and Endorsement Committee

Progressive Massachusetts believes that advancing a progressive agenda in the Commonwealth requires both electoral and lobbying work, in addition to year-round grassroots organizing.

At the helm of the electoral work is the Elections and Endorsements Committee (EEC), a group of member-volunteers who research and recommend races for Progressive Massachusetts to get involved in and candidates to support.

At this point in time, Progressive Massachusetts does not (yet) have the time or resources to endorse in every race. Therefore, the work of the EEC identifying races in which we can have the most impact is vital.

The EEC pays attention to a number of factors, including the proven progressive leadership of candidates, the competitiveness of the race, the endorsements from other advocacy groups and politicians, the proximity to (or involvement of) our local chapters, and candidates' answers to the EEC's candidate questionnaire.

Although the EEC recommends candidates for endorsement, the ultimate decision on whether or not to endorse remains up to the membership.


Jonathan Cohn, Co-Chair

Joshua Tauber, Co-Chair

Elaine Almquist

Meaghan Connors

Aimee Dupont

James Hannon

Kevin Loechner

Suzanne Wong

Tony Mack (Board representative)

 If you are a candidate who would like to be considered for endorsement by Progressive Massachusetts, or a member interested in participating in the work of the EEC, please email elections@progressivemass.com.


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