Election Reform Calls to the Senate

I-Voted-200x200.jpgEarlier this year the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, a major protection against  racial discrimination in voting.  After that decision, many states passed anti-voter legislation.  And North Carolina repealed Election Day registration, cut back early voting, and got rid of pre-registration for teens.   People were outraged.  But all North Carolina did was return to Massachusetts-level election laws.  Massachusetts has never had any of those voting reforms.

Massachusetts -- a trailblazer for democracy and a technological innovator -- should be the leader in holding smooth, efficient, and fair elections. Instead, unnecessary roadblocks deter legitimate voters.  Massachusetts lags far behind much of the country in election modernization.  States such as Idaho, Indiana, Wyoming and Louisiana do better. 

Thursday we have a chance to fix that.

That's when the Senate will take up election reform.  And what they pass will depend on your calls.

Find your Senator here.

Speak to your Senator or a member of their staff.  Make sure to identify yourself as a constituent from their district.  Tell them:

  • I want an election reform bill that includes early voting, online registration, pre-registration for 16 year olds, post-election audits AND Election Day Registration.
  • Pass S1975 and Senator Petruccelli's amendments adding post-election audits and election day registration.
  • I want Massachusetts to be a leader in election reform NOT a laggard.
  • Please vote yes for S1975 and amendments to add pre-registration, post-election audits AND Election Day Registration.

Report the results of your call here so that we know which Senators we were able to reach and where they stand.

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