When Candidates Are on a Listening Tour, Give Them Something to Listen To

TL;DR: Start thinking about what you want in a progressive governor, and start questioning and pressuring candidates and prospective candidates before committing.


One year from now, Democrats across the state will have elected delegates to go to the state party convention where gubernatorial candidates will vie with each other for the party’s endorsement.

The primary field is not settled yet—there’s some time to go, and candidates may yet emerge.

But, already, candidates and prospective candidates have begun listening tours--speaking at local caucuses, at house parties, at activist events.

When the field is settled, Progressive Massachusetts will invite all candidates to fill out our detailed candidate questionnaire, as we did in 2014. (questionnaires from past races are here.)

We will ask tough questions about where they stand on the key elements of our Progressive Platform--shared prosperity, racial and social justice, open government and strong democracy, and sustainable infrastructure and environmental protection--and the Legislative Agenda that seeks to translate principles into policy.

And once they fill out those questionnaires, YOU--our grassroots members--will get to vet them and get to decide whom we endorse.

No smoke-filled rooms, just grassroots democracy.

But, the member endorsement is still a way off.

In the interim -- what can you do to strengthen the field and ensure the boldest progressive platform is being talked about at every coffee, every house party? 


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Election 2016: Move to Massachusetts


I would like Massachusetts to run an ad campaign across the country that says, "Are you scared of your neighbor?

Come to Massachusetts, we voted against Nixon and Donald Trump, overwhelmingly.

We will still have Obamacare, marriage equality and you can smoke pot to get by for the next 4 years.

Massachusetts, an American alternative to moving to Canada.

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Election 2016: Reflections from a Progressive Grassroots Organizer for HRC


I feel a tremendous grief for what has been and will likely be lost, as well as fear for what is likely to rain down on the most vulnerable in our society as a result of this election.

I strongly supported Hillary Clinton, in the primary and the general, and spent countless hours organizing volunteers in Malden and Melrose, knocking doors here and in New Hampshire. I had the pleasure of working with a large group of volunteers -- some veterans from other campaigns, others new faces.

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