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Changing Narrative: Change the State House

Last week was kind of an amazing one for the larger conversation about politics in Massachusetts.

In case you missed it, some in the political establishment reacted poorly to the suggestion, made by State Senator Jamie Eldridge, that progressives need to organize and reassert influence in Massachusetts politics. (Hear Sen. Eldridge talk about this story on the Commonwealth podcast, here)

Meanwhile, the progressive grassroots applauded -- it's a narrative many of us have been voicing for a long time, finally getting public airing.

So let's move beyond just talk.

What better way than to actively support 5 candidates who will make our legislature more progressive -- and help legislate solutions to real problems facing the people of the Commonwealth. (Don't believe me? Listen to John Oliver!)

Volunteer, donate, and help get out the progressive vote on Thursday, September 8 (yes, Thursday!).

With volunteer opportunities from Worcester to Roxbury and Ashland and Cambridge in between, now is proressives’ chance to change Beacon Hill and move our agenda forward.


When we mobilize, we can win! 
Volunteer this weekend! Read/click for more info, below:

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Build a Progressive Legislature - Volunteer for Your Endorsed Candidates

Voting day for state primaries is just around the corner (THURSDAY, Sept. 8), and our endorsed candidates need your help!

When we support progressive candidates in primaries, we are doing two important things for the long-term movement --
  • Making the legislature more progressive, so we can get more legislation passed
  • Building the bench of progressive leaders who someday can run for even higher office

Do your part this weekend.

Information is below on how to help your five progressive endorsees:
Monica Cannon (events in Roxbury)
Mike Connolly (events in Cambridge)
Pat Jehlen (events in Somerville, Cambridge, Medford)
Jack Lewis (events in Framingham, Ashland)
Moses Dixon (events in Worcester)

And don’t forget to donate to our candidates if you haven’t already!

Remember, your time and dollars go much further in state legislative races -- and you’re investing in the movement long-term.

Monica Cannon


“Join Team Cannon for our champion for the voiceless, for our community activist candidate, Monica Cannon. In this tight 7th Suffolk District race, it is the difference between electing the status quo and a real change-maker for Roxbury. Your support door knocking and phone banking will ensure we leave no stone unturned, no vote neglected, and a better future for the communities of Roxbury, Dorchester, and the Fenway.”

You can reach out to Meaghan with any questions at 617-396-7085 or votecannonforstaterep@gmail.com.

Mike Connolly


"This is the one race where a conservative House Democrat is being credibly challenged from the progressive Left. Mike Connolly’s been active in Progressive Massachusetts from the beginning; he started as an activist at Occupy Boston, and worked his way into the role of legislative aide for the Cambridge City Council. If we want to see a more progressive House, we need to win this race in Cambridge and Somerville."

Canvassing Opportunities for Connolly:

Saturday, Aug. 27: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Meet at the HQ at Workbar Cambridge (45 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139)
Sunday, Aug. 28: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Meet at the HQ at Workbar Cambridge (45 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139)

Phone Banking Opportunities for Connolly:

Saturday, Aug. 27: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Meet at the HQ at Workbar Cambridge (45 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139)
Sunday, Aug. 28: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Meet at the HQ at Workbar Cambridge (45 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139)
Contact Chris at 301-807-8378 OR chris@mikeconnolly.org to get involved.
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Pat Jehlen


“Pat has a well funded and aggressive opponent. She needs all the grassroots activist support she can get to ensure her progressive vision for Massachusetts is fulfilled.  Pat could use your help in these final weeks, and on election day itself.”

Phone Banking Opportunities for Jehlen:

Daily at HQ (212 Elm Street (3rd Floor), Somerville, MA 02144)
Contact Field Coordinator Charlotte at (617) 909-0408 or at charlotte@electpatjehlen.org with any questions or to get involved.

Jack Lewis


"I am running for state representative to be a voice for those not traditionally represented in the halls of power. My background in ministry and as a non-profit leader make me uniquely qualified to represent Framingham and Ashland. I would be honored to bring my lifelong commitment to progressive principles and practical solutions to the State House."
There are volunteers knocking on doors and making calls daily. Contact Rachel Quinn at Rachel@ElectJackLewis.com or 631-905-4671.
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Moses Dixon


“I'm pleased to have the endorsement of Progressive Massachusetts because it really means something. Your questionnaire is uniquely comprehensive, and your members are uniquely involved in the endorsement decision, giving it real progressive grassroots credibility. Progressive Massachusetts members are among the most effective volunteers, and I'm grateful for your help in door-knocking, talking to voters, and getting out the word. Let's keep it up —Mo'smentum!”

Want to get involved, or have any questions? Contact Jon at 508-556-4383 or jonobrien56@gmail.com.

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2016 State Primaries are on a Thursday!

Did you know that Massachusetts voters go to the poll on September 8? Which happens to be a Thursday? 

Help us spread the word -- and make sure YOU have a plan to vote on Thursday, September 8. 

And, help us support member-endorsed candidates. Their wins will help make the State Legislature as a whole more progressive. 

Find out more here: progressivemass.com/2016legislativeelections

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