2016 State Primaries are on a Thursday!

Did you know that Massachusetts voters go to the poll on September 8? Which happens to be a Thursday? 

Help us spread the word -- and make sure YOU have a plan to vote on Thursday, September 8. 

And, help us support member-endorsed candidates. Their wins will help make the State Legislature as a whole more progressive. 

Find out more here: progressivemass.com/2016legislativeelections

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2016 Endorsed Candidates for the Primary!

If you've studied our scorecards, you know that Massachusetts's law-making body isn't nearly as progressive as our reputation. If we want more issues on progressive issues, we must pay attention to legislative races -- and work for candidates and campaigns that can add to a shift in power on the Hill. 

We've endorsed our candidates for 2016 primaries -- voted on by Progressive Mass members. Give them your support -- dollars and time -- this is how we will win, long-term!

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2014 - Meet the Progressives of November 4

It’s an open Massachusetts secret that despite our marquee liberals on the national stage, when it comes to the state level, we’re not nearly as progressive as we could be. When you look at our skewed tax burdens, austerity budgeting and legislation attacking the poor, one can credibly make the case that the State House governs as if the Commonwealth were center-right.

What IS true is that there’s a strong progressive sentiment in Massachusetts residents. It’s just that we’ve got a ways to go to get the Legislature to govern like Elizabeth Warren.

This is why our work together pushing legislators through grassroots to take bold progressive action, and our legislative efforts, highlighting votes in our scorecard and lobbying at the State House, is so important.

This work isn't quick or easy. Progressives clocked in some wins last session, but we are still waiting to see the kind of great, bold legislative leadership that should come from Massachusetts. Last session we had to play bruising defense against punishing legislative attacks on the poor. And, our advances on the minimum wage and election reform were harder fought than it should’ve been, and we didn’t quite get far enough (no indexing on minimum wage, no same-day voter registration).

Improving our prospects at the State House requires herculean reforms for long-term change -- including increasing transparency and leveraging a wholesale shift in the culture of power under the Golden Dome.

In the short term, what we can do is help to elect MORE progressive legislators -- to strengthen the fighters already there, and show the power-brokers on the Hill and in the press that the voters want bold progressive change.

Engaging at the Legislative level has challenges, however. While most voters have had at least some exposure to the high-profile races via television ads, it’s a lot harder to get a fix on legislative races.

But, just as we know the national figures and races -- like Bernie Sanders or Zephyr Teachout -- who champion our values and wage insurgent progressive campaigns, we should know the names and faces of their counterparts on Beacon Hill. That’s why we’re doing this “get to know” series.

Check in here weekly as we highlight critical races important to progressives, no matter where you are in the Commonwealth.

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