Ask Your Candidates to Complete a Progressive Mass Questionnaire

Get_answers.jpgDon't see a Progressive Mass recommendation for your local races?

With two hundred Legislative seats up for re-election every two years, many of which feature uncontested races where the incumbent is guaranteed to win, Progressive Mass by necessity must zero in only on select races which meet a constellation of criteria, such as whether there is an opportunity to elect a more progressive legislator, among other things, as well as considerations about our membership.

However, legislative races can be among the most frustrating to navigate.

Unlike statewide races like the Governor, there's little coverage on the candidates in the media, and as we have outlined elsewhere, it is challenging to find digestible information about an incumbent's voting record.  Campaign websites offer the most information, but are understandably limited to whatever the candidates think is the putting the best foot forward.

In short, it's a challenge for the average voter to know where to turn or where to find useful material to help her vote, in large measure because that information doesn't exist!

Someday, we hope to have have enough resources to solicit completed questionnaires from all legislative candidates.

In the meantime, we encourage you to send our legislative questionnaire to your local candidates, and if you get responses, we will happily share them for public reference!

Find links to the questionnaire, here:

Even for incumbents running unopposed, we think voters asking legislators to go on record on our shared progressive priorities is an extremely valuable opportunity -- for voters, for the candidate and for your community.

If you request questionnaire responses from candidates in your legislative district, please drop us a line!

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Primary Legislative Recommendations

sept_9.jpgOur recommended slate of primary candidates: Christine Barber for 34th Middlesex State Rep, Mike Day for 31st Middlesex State Rep, Ivette Hernandez for 10th Hampden State Rep, Mary Keefe for 15th Worcester State Rep, Steve Ultrino for 33rd Middlesex State Rep, Jessica Finocchiaro for First Essex State Senator, and Dylan Hayre for Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex State Senator.

Each of the following candidates is dedicated to our progressive values, and will be fighters for our shared prosperity agenda on Beacon Hill.

In these races, every vote counts. Please sign up here to volunteer on a campaign!

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Ballot Questions - November 4, 2014

On the four very important referenda on the ballot on Tuesday, November 4, we strongly recommend voting


No_on_One_Yes_on_Rest_v3.jpgQUESTION 1 – Repeal indexing the gas tax? NO

QUESTION 2 – Expand the “bottle bill” to include water bottles, juice, sports drinks? YES

QUESTION 3 – Repeal the law allowing casinos in Massachusetts? YES

QUESTION 4 – Give all workers the right to earn sick time? YES 

TAKE OUR RECS ON THE ROAD -- download/print our ballot question voting guide.

Share the word on social media: #MAVoteNYYY - Vote No, Yes, Yes, Yes

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