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Occasioal updates and info on elections, candidates and endorsements from our member-run Elections & Endorsement Committee.

For full information on Endorsements, including archives of candidate questionnaires, see the elections section of the website.

Primary Legislative Recommendations

sept_9.jpgOur recommended slate of primary candidates: Christine Barber for 34th Middlesex State Rep, Mike Day for 31st Middlesex State Rep, Ivette Hernandez for 10th Hampden State Rep, Mary Keefe for 15th Worcester State Rep, Steve Ultrino for 33rd Middlesex State Rep, Jessica Finocchiaro for First Essex State Senator, and Dylan Hayre for Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex State Senator.

Each of the following candidates is dedicated to our progressive values, and will be fighters for our shared prosperity agenda on Beacon Hill.

In these races, every vote counts. Please sign up here to volunteer on a campaign!

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Ballot Questions - November 4, 2014

On the four very important referenda on the ballot on Tuesday, November 4, we strongly recommend voting


No_on_One_Yes_on_Rest_v3.jpgQUESTION 1 – Repeal indexing the gas tax? NO

QUESTION 2 – Expand the “bottle bill” to include water bottles, juice, sports drinks? YES

QUESTION 3 – Repeal the law allowing casinos in Massachusetts? YES

QUESTION 4 – Give all workers the right to earn sick time? YES 

TAKE OUR RECS ON THE ROAD -- download/print our ballot question voting guide.

Share the word on social media: #MAVoteNYYY - Vote No, Yes, Yes, Yes

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Governor Candidate Speeches from Mass. Democratic Convention 2014

Governor Candidates' speeches* from the 2014 Mass Dems Convention; video courtesy of Political Update.

*Juliette Kayyem's speech was not able to be recorded due to technical difficulties. We'll share a link to her speech if the campaign makes one available. 

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