Governor Candidate Speeches from Mass. Democratic Convention 2014

Governor Candidates' speeches* from the 2014 Mass Dems Convention; video courtesy of Political Update.

*Juliette Kayyem's speech was not able to be recorded due to technical difficulties. We'll share a link to her speech if the campaign makes one available. 

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Progressive Mass Endorses Maura Healey for Attorney General


Our sustaining members have voted to endorse Maura Healey for Attorney General.  Maura has the progressive record of leadership and the independence that we need in our next Attorney General - and has nearly 68% in our membership vote. Whether taking on big banks, defending access to women's health care, advancing civil rights, and marriage equality, Maura has shown what an engaged and progressive Attorney General can do. She will lead on criminal justice reform, protecting children, and reducing gun violence, with bold and new ideas for our state. We are proud to support her in this campaign.

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Governor's Endorsement

P1020159.JPGIf you're not excited about this governor's race,
you must not have met Don Berwick yet!

-Andrew “Gumby” Breton, Medford

We are a grassroots organization -- our members are central to our vision and our work, and that is why our members get to decide who we endorse. And it was overwhelming: We voted to endorse Don Berwick for governor.

He received over 70% of the vote, surpassing by far our 60% minimum threshhold. In a contest with four other candidates seeking endorsement, this is a remarkable achievement.

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