Energy and the Environment

We believe:

  • Protecting our environment is a moral responsibility to future generations, a health and quality-of-life issue for us today as well as an enormous economic consideration.    Climate change is real and the time for debate is over.  Urgent action is required and while the federal government has, for many years, abandoned its responsibility to steward our environment, the Commonwealth can and should do all it can.
  • The environment is a public trust and responsibility for its preservation and sustainability must rest publicly – in a partnership between people, private enterprise and government
  • A more sustainable and environmentally just Commonwealth, that takes the lead in preserving the environment for generations to come.
  • Protecting our water, air and biodiversity through enforcement of existing regulations and financial incentives for responsible stewardship.
  • Strengthening effective land-use planning policies to support smart growth and conservation.
  • Promoting responsible use of the Commonwealth’s natural resources by supporting composting, expanding recycling, reducing hazardous waste, and restoring polluted sites to environmental health.
  • Combating global warming by supporting and developing alternative energy resources and practice, mass transit statewide and energy efficiency programs.
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