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*Review list of chapter events, here. NB: Calendars are maintained by individual chapters and may not be complete. Be in touch with chapters leads if you think info is missing *


State-wide events, and some chapter meetings, with RSVP's will be posted here.

Chapters and local organizers often maintain their own calendars; make sure you're plugged in to the organizers in your region to make sure you're connected to the efforts in your community!: 1. Sign up for our list with your address, 2. Contact us directly if you want to engage more directly with local organizers! We'll put you in touch. 

March for Our Lives with Progressive Mass

Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 11:30 AM · 29 rsvps

Progressive Massachusetts will be joining with youth activists from around the state on March 24th, to demand that our elected officials make the lives and safety of children a priority.

Progressive Mass members are encouraged to meet up before the event, to march together, in support of this national, student-led movement.

We'll be congregating at the Starbucks at 62 Boylston Street, between 11:30 AM and Noon, before the march begins.

More details, from the march organizers, can be found at

Progressive Mass 2018 Lobby Day: Springing into Action

Wednesday, April 04, 2018 at 09:15 AM · 35 rsvps

April 14, Lobby Day:

Don't miss Progressive Mass's Lobby Day, Wednesday, April 4th  - lobbying training/issues presentations at 9:30am / Lobby visits thru the morning/early afternoon

  • Hear from progressive state legislators on the bills that advance the cause!
  • Learn the important issues and the latest updates on our legislative agenda!
  • Learn, practice, and share ‘how to lobby effectively’ wisdom!
  • Build progressive alliances with new friends from across the state!

States are where national legislation gets tried out. Let’s make sure it’s progressive. In these times, we can’t just rest on a status quo. We need to aggressively fight for a progressive future!

The event will begin with a speaking program and info session in Room 437 followed by in-person meetings with legislators.
Stay tuned for more info!!

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