Go Big or Don't Go Home

In a mere eleven days -- on Friday, July 31st, at 11:59 pm -- the legislative session in the Massachusetts State House comes to an end.

The bills that didn't make it past the finish line this year will disappear into the ether or return like a phoenix from the ashes in January next year, only to face the same grueling process.

But there are many policies that can't wait until January. Indeed, passing them now is already far later than should have been done. And, frankly, the Legislature shouldn't get to leave session until they finish.

What priorities are we talking about?

  • Passing the Safe Communities Act so that state and local law enforcement aren't being deputized as ICE agents
  • Passing the Work and Family Mobility Act because mobility is a basic right, regardless of one's citizenship status
  • Passing the ROE Act because MA needs to strengthen reproductive rights here at home as they remain under attack on the federal level
  • Passing the 100% Renewable Energy Act because we can't keep stumbling forward into climate chaos
  • Passing Emergency Paid Sick Time so that no worker has to choose between their health and their job security
  • Passing guaranteed housing stability for at least one more year ​because if we want people to stay at home, they need a home to go back to
  • Passing a budget that raises Progressive Revenue by making sure that corporations and the rich are paying their fair share

The Legislature can't keep punting session after session and patting themselves on the back.

Can you call or email your state legislators about taking real action before the session ends -- or staying in until they do?




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