Governor's Endorsement

P1020159.JPGIf you're not excited about this governor's race,
you must not have met Don Berwick yet!

-Andrew “Gumby” Breton, Medford

We are a grassroots organization -- our members are central to our vision and our work, and that is why our members get to decide who we endorse. And it was overwhelming: We voted to endorse Don Berwick for governor.

He received over 70% of the vote, surpassing by far our 60% minimum threshhold. In a contest with four other candidates seeking endorsement, this is a remarkable achievement.

We begin our endorsement process by offering all candidates questionnaires, based on our Shared Prosperity Agenda. Candidates must respond in-depth on the issues which our membership can then read in full.

When I reviewed the Progressive Massachusetts candidate questionnaire, Don stood out as well as the candidate most consistently in agreement with Progressive Massachusetts's goals of advancing social justice in health careeducationhousing, taxation, and the economy writ large.

-Jonathan Cohn, Boston

Progressive Massachusetts and our chapters have organized several forums, offering opportunities for members and progressives to hear from the candidates themselves and to ask questions. Hundreds of members took the opportunity to hear from the five candidates seeking Progressive Massachusetts's endorsement in Jamaica PlainCambridge, and Worcester:

I've seen all five in person in at least two settings where all were asked to speak and all were asked questions. Consistently, Don Berwick’s answers were the most thoughtful and most progressive. Of all the candidates, his answers are most thorough, not platitudes and rhetoric. I think he has vision of what he wants the future to be. 

-Mimi Gordon, Medford

While there is quite a bit to admire about each of the candidates, Berwick really stands apart upon closer examination. The contrast between the candidates was quite evident, for example, during the Candidate Forum at the Progressive Massachusetts Policy Conference in Worcester.

Seldom--perhaps never before--have I heard a politician so forthrightly discuss and express unabashed commitment to progressive ideals. I believe his candidacy represents our chance to substantially change the political landscape here in Massachusetts and realize those ideals of shared prosperity and justice for all in the state.

-Bill Taylor, Haverhill


And one of our chapters, JP Progressives, has already endorsed Don Berwick for Governor:

As co-chair of JP Progressives we were proud to endorse Don Berwick. The choice was clear, he is a true progressive that will bring this State a compassionate, intelligent, bold leader.

-Anne Rousseau, Jamaica Plain

Berwick’s experience also impressed our members:

As a health services researcher, I continue to be impressed by the impact Dr. Berwick has made in the healthcare field through his work at CMS and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, developing accessible and actionable tools and frameworks for bettering health and health care for all Americans. I am excited at the prospect of Dr. Berwick bringing this expertise to other policy areas, and the governorship is an exciting platform for him to continue his work.”

-Bevin Croft, Watertown

But overall, fundamental progressive values which Don Berwick forcefully champions is what earned him over 70% of our members' votes:

His vision for a more just, more fair, and a more prosperous Commonwealth for families and communities to live and thrive in is so closely and so deeply connected to the tenets underlying our Shared Prosperity Agenda that the two are virtually the same.

-Daniel Habtemariam, Newton

Over the next months, we will be working with volunteer grassroots organizers to hold canvasses to start telling our communities about Berwick’s terrific, progressive platform.

We know that an hour on one weekend in May is worth 10 or more volunteer hours on election day -- so don't wait--join the team getting out the word for Don!

Help us elect the most Progressive candidate for Governor -- Help Don Berwick Win!

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