Government Of the People, By the People, For the People

Last year we witnessed major threats to our democracy dominate the headlines.  Conservatives attempted to suppress the vote – particularly in communities of color – by enacting voter ID laws and limiting early voting days, polling locations and polling machines.  Progressives fought back and one some key battles but on election day many stood for hours to exercise their most basic right.  Here in Springfield, three polling locations were shut down mid-day because they ran out of ballots.

But the biggest headline of all was an outgrowth of Citizens’ United.  Sheldon Adelson personally donated tens of millions of dollars.  The Koch Brothers spearheading an enormous number of tea party candidates.  Ultimately, many progressives and Democrats won with a superior ground game, but not before more than $6 billion dollars had been spent much of it on negative advertising.

Check out Public Campaign’s historic video and then come hear Nick Nyhart, President and Founder speak at our Policy Conference.

He will be joined by John Bonifaz who is spearheading the effort to overturn Citizens’ United – and Brenda Wright of Demos who recently wrote an amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to uphold the pre-clearance clause of the Voting Rights Act.

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