Tax Fairness Commission recommends a Graduated Income Tax

moneybags.jpgYesterday, the Tax Fairness Commission announced its recommendation that the State Constitution be amended so that Massachusetts can institute a graduated income tax, to address the regressivity of our current tax structure, which looks like this:  


A system in which the very poorest pay much more in taxes as a percent of income than the wealthiest is both immoral and unfair. A progressive income tax, like we have at the federal level, corrects this imbalance. Unfortunately for Massachusetts, a true graduated income tax requires a Constitutional amendment, as suggested by the Tax Fairness Commission. 

In our Shared Prosperity agenda, we call for a Constitutional amendment to address our revenue needs and fix our unequal burdens.

We asked all of the statewide office-seekers their stances on a constitutional amendment to allow a graduated income tax. You can review their responses here: 

You might also want to check out the rest of their answers on the "Revenue and Taxation" sections of the questionnaire. What do you think of the candidates' responses? 


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