Give Harmony the Gift of a Progressive Mass!

It's my birthday! I would be honored by your contribution to Progressive Massachusetts, which is near and dear to me. Progressive Mass is a direct outgrowth of the same kind of political organizing and activism that you and I have been doing together for the last several years, providing resources, structure, information, networks, strengthening all of our work together.

Its founding principle is that grassroots, people-powered organizing is the way to better politics, better government and progressive policies.

This year, I’m asking those of you already familiar with Progressive Mass to really reflect on how valuable this work really is, and to commit to a monthly donation. (if you're new to PM or prefer to make a one-time contribution, click here)

Think about the long-term, systemic problems plaguing our Commonwealth -- an economic system that favors the wealthiest, erosion of the safety net, rising homelessness, increasing inequality, infrastructure in disrepair, a metastasizing criminal justice system...

Imagine what a robustly funded grassroots organization could do to instead drive a shared prosperity agenda on Beacon Hill -- with the resources to fight hard every day to make spirit of “all means all” a reality.

Is that worth a dollar a day? That’s $30/month.

Is it worth what you’d spend on a weekly fancy coffee? Let’s call that $20/month.

Fundraising_Coffee.jpgConsistent, modest contributions are really helpful

They provide reliable revenue that enables us to develop long-term budgets and organizing efforts. 

Any monthly contribution is welcome. $25/month would be amazing! With your recurring donation, it's as if my birthday never ends! 

It is a great privilege and joy to be with you in the struggle. Thank you for your incredible gift!


  • Already a monthly contributor? Give a one-time, birthday-themed donation at this link.
  • If PayPal, below, doesn't work for you -- use my ActBlue page!
  • Want to send a check? PROGRESSIVE MASS, 41 WEST ST, SUITE 700, BOSTON, MA 02111
  • Consider giving a large, tax deductible gift to the Progressive Mass Education Fund!

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