Health Care At the Policy Conference

Health care has been center stage in the national and state level debate for more than four decades.  With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, modeled on our own system here in Massachusetts, and the Supreme Court’s landmark decision upholding the individual mandate, you might have thought debate on health care exited stage left.

But we continue to be plagued by rising costs and uneven quality of care.  Last year, the Massachusetts State House passed legislation that would allow health spending to grow no faster than the state economy overall through 2017. The legislation also includes provisions to reduce malpractice lawsuits, enhance public health, and increase transparency for consumers by requiring providers and insurers to provide up-to-date information online about the cost of procedures and tests.

Health care will once more be front and center at our Policy Conference.   Moderated by Board Member, Ari Fertig, our panel will include Ben Day, Health Care Now, Brian Rosman, Health Care for All, and Don Berwick, Former Administrator, Medicare/Medicaid and Candidate for Governor, 2014. 

Check out how Health Care Now describes single payor.

Read about Don Berwick’s assessment of health care

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