House Passes Weak Election Bill

On the last day before Winter Recess, the House of Representatives passed the disappointing election bill we highlighted earlier.  The only substantive change to the bill (HB3772), was the addition of pre-registration and same day registration to the study task force already slated to review audits (a provision the House already passed).  The change only occurred as a result of last minute organizing by Jason Lewis and Carl Sciortino.  The Speaker had previously told advocates that there would be "no amendments".  

We are gearing up for work in the Senate where our own Ben Wright has already secured the necessary commitments for Same Day Registration which passed the Senate in 2007 and was re-filed in 2008 with additional co-sponsors.  Learn more about why Same Day Registration is the best election reform we can strive for.

One interesting note from the debate - Colleen Garry, "Democrat" from Dracut and Tyngsborough, voted with the Republicans to gut the bill.  If there are any progressives in those two towns, perhaps you can ask her why?

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