House Roll Call on Welfare Vote

We wanted to see “YES” on Rep Hecht’s Amendment #48, which would have stopped the Legislature from ramming through
Leadership’s fast-tracked welfare “reforms”.  We believe that any reforms should be vetted through the committee process which allows for testimony from experts, advocates, electeds and citizen activists.  It allows for the appropriate deliberation and debate that important issues deserve.

The Amendment did not pass. Here are the Representatives who broke with Leadership and voted the right way (“yes”)—Andrews, Decker, Farley-Bouvier, Gordon, Hecht, Henriquez, Kaufman, Keefe, Provost, Rogers (Dave), Sciortino, Swan, Toomey, Turner.

Please send them your thanks

Don’t see your Rep? That means s/he voted to allow the Supplemental Budget to include many onerous new restrictions on cash assistance and other support for our neediest.

Let them know what you think of that. 


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