How is Progressive Massachusetts different from other organizations?


PM is committed to continuous, statewide, progressive organizing so that progressive activists remain effectively engaged between election cycles. We will mobilize member-activists from every part of the state through coordinated issue and electoral campaigns, and will provide the organizing training, policy education and support that are necessary to maintain an effective and sustainable organization. Defining characteristics of PM include:

  • Activism in EVERY part of the state, including areas where other organizations do not have presence
  • Individual membership, rather than a coalition of organizations
  • Diversity of members–ethnic, economic, geographic, range of experience in both electoral and/or issue-based organizing, and level of activism
  • Continuous engagement: a home to activists who have emerged for individual campaigns  but did not have a source for ongoing engagement.
  • Combined Electoral and Issue organizing on a full range of progressive issues
  • Democratic process for deciding which issues we will work on
  • Independence from established parties or organizations, and ability to choose our agenda and work for specific candidates in contested primaries
  • Emphasis on face-to-face organizing, using social media to maximize our impact
  • A unified progressive “home” where issue based organizations can join forces with a statewide organization of individuals to increase their impact

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