How will Progressive Massachusetts work with other Organizations?


PM will make it a priority to coordinate closely with other progressive organizations, in order to maximize the impact of our collective work and to avoid duplicating efforts.  We will do this in part by simply staying in continual communication with local and statewide progressive organizations, and will have ongoing conversations with our allies about how best to mobilize our  respective memberships to most complement each others’ efforts.  We recognize that many of our members are active with other groups and our goal is to unify progressive activists in a way that will extend the capacity of existing organizations.  Whether we coordinate with another organization on a specific campaign will be determined through a member-based, democratic process. If we decide to coordinate efforts with other organizations, we will maintain our autonomy, so that we will not be pressured to accept compromises that fall short of our progressive values, and so that we can leverage the experience and local organizing insight of our members.

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